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sprinkl3ssprinkl3s Posts: 92Member ■■□□□□□□□□
I'm looking at getting the CCNA CBT course from CBT Planet, what is everyones experience with these? And what suggestions can you give on CBT's?

I also have the sybex ccna 5th edition.


  • jediknightjediknight Posts: 113Member
    I think there great to supplement your book study. I used the CBT's when I was preparing for CCNA by Emilio...(don't remember the last name and don't know if he still does the CCNA stuff) and the way he presented the information was excellent. If you are thinking of getting them, I would say do it and it would be worth the cost.

    You also may want to check out Trainsignal videos as I've heard these are even better than CBTs. I've never used them, but am strongly considering them for my CCNP.
  • sprinkl3ssprinkl3s Posts: 92Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    i'm not even the one paying for them, i just want to make sure they will be worth my employers money and my time. i mostly wasn't sure about
  • StoticStotic Posts: 248Member
    I'd recommend Testout CCNA CBT's. They have videos, tests, and sims included within the one package.
  • tottstotts Posts: 117Member
    I've been using Chris Bryants Trainsignal videos and I think they're excellent. He explains things very well and emphasizes important concepts and details. Great to use alongside other study materials.
    totts from essex
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