slow loging on to Domain - Virtual PC issue again!

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I found on here ages ago the reason why it was taking so long to log on and it was down to the DNS server on my domain controller...but now im setting it up again but im still having issues!!

Ive set my client to use prefered DNS server as my domain controller, but still 5-10mins to log on...

Could it be that my wireless router is playing around with the set up? my PC is connect direct to this?


  • Non-Profit TechieNon-Profit Techie Member Posts: 418
    this could be for many reason. if you feel it could be the wireless you could try it only on the wire. i doubt that is the reason for the delay. How have you tested that DNS is working properly?
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    it isn't a Dell laptop is it? We had the issue on two today at an oral surgeon's office. For some reason services were stopping themselves after boot. Taking the laptops back to the shop to backup and reload windows on.

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  • ilcram19ilcram19 Inactive Imported Users Posts: 206
    well do u have a IDE or EIDE drive and how much RAM r u using for the virtual pc

    my recomendation by 2 SATA RAID controller use a RAID 0 between the hard drive and use aleast 512 of RAM for servers and that will speed things up alot oh make sure u have a pentium D dual core or A pentium 4 with HT , still wont perform like and actual server but it will improve performace...
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  • ilcram19ilcram19 Inactive Imported Users Posts: 206
    i mean 2 sata hard drive and a raid controller sorry icon_cool.gif
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  • 3000GT3000GT Member Posts: 212
    Its not the fastest of PCs i have to admit, but im sure i managed to log in before without it taking so long, i did this exam a year ago but failed so this is my second attempt, so setting up the lab again as i did last time.

    the PC is a 2.66Ghz Celeron with 768MB of ram 80GB of hard drive space.

    It currently is connected to the wireless router via RJ45 cable so shouldnt be any lag i would of thought. Other than pinging the DNS server i dunno what else i can to to test the DNS icon_sad.gif

    Gonna have a word with work today and see if i can borrow 2 desktop PCs to practice on :D
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    Give us some details on your setup and also include any errors in the event logs. We might be able to help with some more details. Thanks.
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  • 3000GT3000GT Member Posts: 212
    Will do, just got 2 PC from work to set up when i get home, ill give it a try off i set up to my router or not?
  • druid318druid318 Member Posts: 85 ■■□□□□□□□□
    If you think it is a problem outside of the virtual pc's you can set up the Network adapter setting on them to local only and they will only speak to each other.
  • 3000GT3000GT Member Posts: 212
    Im going to leave the router out of the setup and have the client connect directly to the server. Should i set up them both to manual IPs or should if set up DNS and DHCP on the server?
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