Configuring Telnet... Help!

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Not sure what I'm doing wrong here but so far configuring telnet on my 3550 switch isn't working. I went into vlan1 config mode and did "ip address". I have this working with 4 vlans and router on a stick and everything is working fine as far as intervlan communications. I have my workstation on vlan1 and can ping the default gateway which is I also have telnet configured I believe correctly. The problem is telnet isn't working and for some reason I can't ping Shouldn't I be able to? Also ran no shut on vlan1 and still can't ping the switch.


  • TechnowizTechnowiz Posts: 211Member
    Ok I can ping the switch now. Maybe that no shutdown on vlan1 made the difference. Still can't telnet for some reason but I'll figure it out hopefully.
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    If you setup the line vty correctly, don;t forget you will also need an enable password to login.
    it should go something like

    conf t
    enable secret yomama
    line vty 0 4
    password yoyo

    also make sure the WS is on the same subnet as VLAN1. If not you will need to change the IP to the correct subnet.

    Also keep in mind that the ip deafult-gateway command is needed when telnetting to a layer2 device from a different subnet than the VLAN1 subnet. This command has to relevance if your WS is on the wrong VLAN.
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  • TechnowizTechnowiz Posts: 211Member
    Thanks for the help Netstudent. I figured out the problem. This switch came out of a production environment and I didn't wipe the config. When I did a show run to verify my telnet config I noticed this thing under line vty 0 4 that said access-class 23 in. Once I figured out what that was and got rid of it I was able to get in.

    While we are on the topic of using telnet I have another question. What is the best way to manage your telnet sessions? For instance if I have a whole network of devices do I need to close and open one session at a time individually or is there a better way to hop around between the different devices I am working on?
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    Yes you can hop around. From the source you can telnet into R1, create the session, and then press ctrl+shift+6 release and press X. This will take you back to the source router but maintain the sesion. Then you can telnet into another device and ctrl shift 6 x out of it too. Use the show sessions command to see what you have established. Use the Resume <session number> command to resume the session.

    also note ctrl+shift+6 will end ping if you don't feel like waiting for the timeout.

    Also there are logging commands that will allow you to see debug outputs from another router while you are telnetting around the network. I'm not familiar with these though. Maybe someone else can comment on these remote logging commands.
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