Frame-Relay Lab Question?

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Guys i have the followings :
1. 2 2507 routers
2. 1 2501 router
1. 1 2900 cat switch

along with serial cables to establish connections between the routers ( cables are all of type X.21)
So can I have a frame-relay connection along with those ?
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  • CessationCessation Posts: 326Member
    I believe you need a router with 4 serial connections..
    But i could be wrong.
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    yep. I have a frame relay network running with just 3 routers and one is the frame switch.

    check out the frame relay lab on this site for setup assists.
    just trying to keep it all in perspective!
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    Ya you only need a router with 2 serial ports to create a switch, but you need 3 routers to do frame-relay. RouterA will run to s0/0 of the switch and RouterB will run to serial 0/1 of the switch. Then you do the config. The more routers you have, the more you cn do with frame-relay. With 3 routers all you can do is a simple p-t-p config. With 4 routers, you could do multipoint, and with 5 routers you could do partial-mesh.
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    Thanks alot everyone :)
    CCIE ,
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