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Okay guys this is what I discovered.
I know there is a work up sticky on this but
this is my poor mans view! haaa but works!

These are the tips in VSC install and working on 2000 pro and XP.

1. XP has the client Shadow copy working already.
2. install ShadowCopy.msi to the windows 2000 pro machine.
3. Take the same windows 2000 client shadowcopy.msi
and install it on the 2003 server that has Shadow copy ENABLED on the drive you want.
4. Right click on the drive you want and Enable shadow copy.
5. Set the schedule and size you want the shadow copy to take up.
6. go to client XP or 2000 pro and right click on mapped drive to server 2003
and see Previous and bam! the sky is the limit! yeah!

hint: when you install the shadowcopy.msi on the server 2003 it adds
a registry DWORD to enable 2000 pro machines to see VSC. XP
can already see VSC on the server 2003. weird how it has it built in but
it works; then you can see your previous version once you install
shadowcopy.msi on both windows 2000 pro machine and 2003 server.
they do not have two programs for this just one works for both.
you dont see any previous on the server just the clients.

works awesome! love it


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