Suggestion for MPLS BGP Exam

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Hi Guys

I need suggestion regarding the last two exams for my CCIP i.e BGP and MPLS

So if you guys can suggest me wether to go for the combined exam or the seaprate exam as after these two my next target is ccie(R&S or may be SP), so waiting for your suggestions fellas



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    I did the 2 exam path. I would say the pass rate is about the same either way based on what how my students have done.
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    I've got the same question. Any thoughts on which way to go? I'm leaning towards the combined just because it seems like the combined exams from Cisco are a little easier....not that I like using that term.

    Better yet, how about study material for BGP and MPLS?
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    I use the offical courseware for BGP and MPLS courses. For BGP there isn't really a study guide just for the exam, people have used Internet ROuting Architectures, Routing TCP/IP 1 and 2, BGP configuration hadbook, and other resources in the past. For MPLS you have the MPLS and VPN architectures vol 1 and 2. Not sure how well they match up to all the topics on the exam but they are full of good info.
    The only easy day was yesterday!
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    Thanks for the book list. I just picked up Routing TCP/IP 1 and 2. And I have copies of the official courseware books.

    Think my plan of attack on BGP was:
    1. re-read the bgp sections of the bsci books as a re-introduction
    2. read the sections in routing tcp/ip on bgp
    3. courseware
    4. docs

    Maybe it's just me, but the exam topics for the bgp exam are a little intimidating. Especially when it's not something I get to work with every day.
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    This is an excellent book for those of you that study MPLS
    CiscoPress Definitive MPLS Network Designs
    It coverts MPLS Layer2/3 VPNs, MPLS QoS, Traffic Engineering and also IPv6 over MPLS networks which currently I think is not in the CCIP MPLS exam
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