Any ideas on this one?

TechnowizTechnowiz Posts: 211Member
Here is my setup:

router2600(router on a stick) vlan1gateway

The problem I am having is I can't ping from routerA to anything beyond vlan3. I have configured the default gateway on it to be and verified this in the running-config. I can ping from the router. I can also ping from vlan3 to other vlans using a laptop. Any thoughts on what I might be missing here?


  • TechnowizTechnowiz Posts: 211Member
    Those vlan default gateways should be listed under the 2600 router. Didn't come out like I wanted.
  • NetstudentNetstudent Posts: 1,694Member
    we need configs my man! if you are still having the same vlan problems as yesterday, we will need some more info.
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  • gojericho0gojericho0 Posts: 1,060Member
    Can you ping from routerA?

    Is the switchport on the 3550 that connects to the 2600 assigned to VLAN3 or is it a trunk port?

    What vlan is the port on the 3550 that connects to the 2501 belong to?
  • TechnowizTechnowiz Posts: 211Member
    I figured out the problem. IP routing was enabled on the 2500 router. Once I did no ip routing it started working. Took me a while thinking about why that would affect it but I think I get it now. With a default gateway it won't do any routing because any packet it gets that isn't on its subnet will be sent to the default gateway address, and vice versa.

    The confusing thing was that even though ip routing was enabled it still allowed me to set a default gateway, it just didn't use it.
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