What is my next step? Confused

My local Community College has a Cisco CCNP course, it's a 2 year course that prepares you for your CCNA and CCNP. I can easily get into that but I'm debating if it's a smart move for me to make. I'm not the best when it comes to employment, I usually do jobs that aren't related to I.T at all. I was wondering if I should go after this CCNP course and hope for the best for a good future in I.T or if I should just wrap it up and pursue other things.

Another issue I'm considering is I have a friend who's a pastor at a church, I can do some work with him for a much better possibility of stable long term employment, however the pay will be much lower.


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    If you go for this program I'd suggest you try to get somekind of real world experience at the same time. A CCNP and no real experience isn't going to help you. Certifications are there to compliment your experience not substitue for it. I'm not a hiring manager or anything, but someone with 0 experience and a CCNP looks a lot like a paper cert to me. Just my opinion though.
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    A CCNP or MCSE would not even get a call from my company if they didn't have any experience regardless of what position they applied for.

    Focus on getting some work experience first and foremost.
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    Ok lets seriously think about this.....

    If you don't want to do IT related work, then why take the course? If you want to be in IT then take the course and try to get some experience in the process. Getting your CCNA or CCNP will get your foot in the door somewhere, you have to have some knowledge to obtain them. In the school curriculum you will get some hands on lab experience and equipment time. I wouldn't expect to walk out with a CCNP and make 75K a year but you could find entry level after you get your cert to get some experience under your belt.

    From previous advice, you were told to get experience first! Well who is gonna hire you without experience and no cert to help you out. The cert will help you get your start! To be honest with you, you sound like you don't know if IT is what you want for a career, it sounds to me like it might be a money chase for you. No matter how much you might make down the road with IT you won't be happy unless you really want to do it.

    My .02.


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    Go for the experience and job that can pay for the rent and food. Then you go after the IT certification to enhance your skills.
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    Thanks for the replies :D
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    Maybe not directly related to you, but if you really dont enjoy the IT field enough to be taking the course as a parallel to your joys and hobbies then I really think in the long run you will not be happy. If you dont see a Saturday afternoon going through thought up labs or scenarios that might intrigue you as any fun maybe its not your bag. Have a great weekend!
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