livenliven Posts: 918Member
can all 2950 accept IOS uprades or are they "set" with what every they come with,

My fear is that I will get one and not be able to upgrade it.... Is there anything I should look out for?
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  • NetstudentNetstudent Posts: 1,694Member
    Most of the time, your IOS version is dependent upon memory. IF you have enough memory, you can use any IOS you want. You can even house multiple IOS versions in flash if you have enough memory for it.

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  • livenliven Posts: 918Member
    That is what I figured

    Thanks Netstudent...

    I work with a couple of 2950's at work, and I was able to upgrade the image.

    I am trying to buy a couple of these off ebay and I want to make sure I can upgrade them if I need to.
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  • dtlokeedtlokee Posts: 2,381Member
    The only thing that may stop you would be the amount of flash and RAM they have, but all 2950's should have atleast 8MB flash and 20 MB RAM so you should be fine.
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