STP port state question

borumasborumas Posts: 244Member
I remember a question on what port states does a switch port learn mac addresses? Am I right in thinking it learns them only in learning and forwarding modes? From the info I've read that seems to be the case but I thought I had once read that while blocking a port that it still receives bpdu's, does it also possibly learn macs in this state also?


  • EdTheLadEdTheLad Posts: 2,112Member
    Yes you are correct, only learns in learning and forwarding mode.
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  • NetstudentNetstudent Posts: 1,694Member
    yes and blocking states do listen for BPDU's but they don't build cam tables in blocking. If you review a BPDU frame format and the source and destination MAC fields, you will see that these are MAC's of the swithes themselves. The base macs. I don't think these MACs are used in normal frame forwarding decisions, so therefore blocking states do not learn.
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