VERY IMPORTANT-Help needed on the CompTIA Project+ exam

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Dear Freinds,
Could you pls tell me as to how to go abt CompTIA Project+ Certification.I have a few queries, which are as follows To begin with CompTIA Project+, CompTIA IT Project+,CompTIA IT Project+(2003 objectives),are these 3 the same?.

Could you please guide me as to how to go about the certification and the training associated with it.Could you please share all the information related to its pre-requisties,criteria,training and exam fees,difficulty level,study,pass-rate,material,centres for taking the exams/training,its advantages etc etc.
Also how is the exam administered, online is it?
Also is prior training really needed to pass the exam
What is the official study guide, its name.

I am working on a shoestring budget,just finished my masters which took in alot of money, so all the help from ur end would be highly appreciated.Also please share all the study guides,sample exams,questions,material with me.I really want to clear CompTIA
Project+ exam.
Pls get in touch at [email protected]

Thank You
Kind Regards


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    All your answers (as recommended on the other posts of yours) would be obtained from comptia themselves.

    What have you looked up yourself because as far as i can see your asking nearly everything but the exam questions themselves.

    People here are friendly and do help but im afraid personally it sounds like you want someone to do it all for you....

    I suggest you read this page:

    And also if you go through the Project forum and look for posts from people who passed they usually state what they used and other tips.

    If your generally stuck about something in particular then ask away (I havent done the exam myself but others have) but we arnt going to do it all for you.

    (My opinions and not those of techexams or any other members)
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    Dear Sie,
    Thanx for such a diplomatic reply.
    Since i stay far off in a village and i am struggling to get resources and not the exam questions all i needed was guidance and not spoon feeding
    but i guess you took very personally.
    You are staying in a BIG city so you have get everything in a click
    we have just got our computer connection so you really don't know how hard it is to acquire information
    All i asked was for guidance but i guess affluent ppl like you dont know its meaning
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    Sorry to offend you but as mentioned the details you require are located on the internet and within the forums that I mentioned.

    Have a look through them as you have the tools your need (ie: internet connection)

    On the topic of being diplomatic multi posting and moaning about people who not answering you quick enough is not going to get them to help you quicker.

    A few comments from the forum that may help you out.
    renachic - I used the sybex Project+ book and the practice questions from the book

    johnnyg5646 - if you go over to and search around, you can find a free pdf file for the exam under the 2001 version of the test. I've been comparing that pdf against the Sybex 2003 exam book and a lot of the material matches up, so that should be a good resource to get started with!

    janmike - It's generally agreed that at least 2 resources should be used to study for IT cert exams. Here's another one on Project+ that gets good reviews,
    Also, go here and check out the objectives to be sure that you cover all the bases.
    Hope the above helps,

    I would also have a look at the links here

    Again if you have any questions feel free to ask but have a look around here first and you will proberbly find all you need.

    Good luck in your exam.
    Foolproof systems don't take into account the ingenuity of fools
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