Good Antivirus/AntiSpam for exchange server

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i m setting up an exchange server for the testing purpose to get more hands-on experience.

Currently, since i am on dynamic ip, i get a dynamic dns from and i setup the smarthost using my isp smtp outbound address for smtp outbounding.

Now, i wanna setup an antivirus/antispam protection for this testing exchange server.

I only have a copy of symantec antivirus corporate edition. but installing on exchange server might be a headache because i have to exclude folders that exchange server it doens't protect email no good.....

i checked cdw and they sell symantec mail security for exchange. however, i dont' need alot of licensings...i might need 2 licenses coz i create two userid for testing purpose....

Can anybody recommend a good one for me? especially free :D:D:D:D

THank you my friends. :D
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