Creating Bootable XP

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Hi Everyone

I slipstreamed SP2 files to Windows XP Professional CD in order to install Windows xp with SP2 at once, now I am failing to make CD bootable.
I google and got lot of info but didnt help , Can anyone help me with this issue in detail?

Your understanding and assistance will be highly appreciated.

Best regards
On MCP 70-270


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    sainthsainth Member Posts: 35 ■■□□□□□□□□

    Did you use the Microsoft Corporation.img as your bootable image? I also made a Windows XP and slipstream the SP2, the only problem I had was when using Nero7.0 to burn the image, so I looked for Nero 5.0 and use that, it has the option to use boot image, unlike in Nero7.0 that you can only use floopy drive or the existing image.

    Hope this will help.

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