vlan VTP servers and clients

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Hey guys
this maybe a dumb question so here goes.

First, I know how to make vlans and setup VTP servers and clients and understand why
you do this but. I do not undertand how.

okay, on a vtp server you set up a vlan 10 say.....with fa0/4,5,6 in that vlan 10
then on switch2 you setup a vlan 10 with 3,8,9 in that vlan 10

so how if you are setting up vlans on a vtp server does it know which ports to use>
on which switch? or does it ? say your have a switch with 12 ports switch1 and switch2 with 48 ports, how do you type in the vlan command to differentiate which switch the vlan # and respective ports.

or am I wacked? help i feel stupid and i dont understand.



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    Well think about how "non-flexible" VTP would be if it propagated port assignments. The only thing that VTP is aware of as far as port assignments is for pruning purposes. It does not propagate port assignments to clients. And your not whack, this question has come up before. icon_lol.gif
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    thanks i wish i had a good visual on vlans; i get what they are doing but
    when it comes to spanning switches howon the vtp server do you
    for example:

    sw1 (1-12 ports has)
    vlan 10 1-5
    vlan 20 6-12

    sw2 (1-48 ports has)
    vlan 10 1-3
    vlan 20 48

    is this possible with vlan command? and how?
    or do you use ACLs to filter out certain ports.
    I have watched CCNA vids but never as deeep as this.
    They touch on it. Is this a CCNP arena topic?

    and how when on VTP server do you do this?
    do you say (pseudo)
    switch such and such has ports x-y for vlan 10
    and switch such and such has port p for vlan 10?
    i have oly used basic
    vlan database
    vlan #
    and then switchport access vlan 10
    to assign ports per vlan?

    am i missing something.
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    Well VTP does propagate the actual VLANS that you create on the VTP server. So on the server you would do:

    vlan data
    vlan 10 name sales
    vlan 20 name marketing

    Then if VTP is setup correctly, this creation will increment the VTP revision number. When a client hears a VTP message with a hgiher revision number, it will go ahead and update it's vlan database. So then the client will know about vlans 10 and 20.

    Now you will have to ssh or telnet or console in to your client switch and manually do:

    conf t
    int range fa0/1 - 5
    switchport mode access
    switchport acess vlan 10
    int range fa0/6 - 12
    switchport mode access
    switchport access vlan 20

    Note that 2924's don;t have the interface range comand. In that case you would have to go into each interface individually and make the VLAN assignment.

    You use the show vlan and show vtp status to check your progress. BE ADVISED, when you setup vlan interface IP"s on your switches for management purposes, and VTP is configured correctly, then the show vtp status will show you the IP of the VTP server. You really need to lab this up if you plan on taking the CCNA exam.
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    Just to add a comment to NS's post...

    If you read the description of VTP Server and VTP Client in any book, it will appear that no changes can be made to VLAN's from a client.

    For example, the BCSMN book by David Hucaby says that "the VTP Client does not allow the administrator to create, change, or delete any VLANs. They listen to VTP advertisements from other switches and modify their VLAN configurations accordingly."

    Whereas, "VTP Servers have full control over VLAN creation and modification for their domains."

    This description can be deceptive, cause as NS just said, the VLAN may be created on the server ONLY, but port assignment still has to happen on the client.

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    Mike and NS,
    This description can be deceptive, cause as NS just said, the VLAN may be created on the server ONLY, but port assignment still has to happen on the client

    just what I needed? Man! all someone had to say was this..crips!
    very misleading...Then can I ask another dumb question now that I understand the port assignment thanks to you guys!
    What is the big deal of then setting up the vlan on the server and having it replicated out to clients. Not a big deal since I am in the switch anyways

    #vlan database
    vlan 10

    wow! that was hard... so I guess it cuts down on some coding I suppose on each
    switch 3 lines x say 100 switches wow! I guess that could mean some time!
    thanks so much for your great explain. I have been racking my head on this one
    since I have not seen it explained this well. thank god for this forum
    and you smart guys!
    rock on dudes! :D

    I hopes some day I am helpful to you as much as you all have helped me!
    thank you!
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