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I after 4 years away from IT (not completly because I did voluntier job) I got a job in I.T. department (We are two), I do a lot of desktop support and Windows 2003 Server and the next week PIX firewall (I do not know to much but I was reading a lot about how to config the PIX firewall).

I like the two fields (Networking with Routers, firewalls and Server with Desktop support), it is difficult to decide where to go (CCNP or MCSA), because I like them a lot, specially that I want to go toward to security, and does mean that I have to learn a lot of everything.

The problem is that I got CCNA without to much exp (basic config) and I have more exp with server and desktop, but I already begin with Cisco Certification.

I know that everybody has diferents opinion and that many of you had the same situation, How did you deal with this situation?

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    I say go with an MSCA...that way you can at least show you have knowledge in that area too. You got your CCNA, so prove you have microsoft experience as well.

    You wanna go into security, tho...so you better get some linux experience. I like using Linux distros for learning hacking and things of that sort.
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