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Hi Guys,

I'm a fairly new user to this site but I'm really impressed with all the information you have on here. I have been studying Network+ for about the last 7 weeks using quickcert video and e-book. I have booked my exam for the 12th of September, I plan to revise every evening when I'm home from work, the whole weekend and I have booked off Monday and Tuesday for revision as well. I think I have understood most of the material but now I just need to memorise and lockdown the key things i.e. ports, where devices and protocols fit into the osi model, cable lengths and standards etc. My revision plan is detailed below. Does anyone else have any revision ideas that I could use or just general tips. Thanks

Revision Plan

1. Read Techexam notes through the week
2. Memorise key things ports etc
3. Check the Comptia exam objectives one by one making sure I'm comfortable with each one if not look up and revise in more detail
4. Consider any weak areas and brush up on them
5. Take practice exams from quick cert and Measure up and make sure I'm scoring consistently high 90% and above
6. Cross fingers and take exam


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