restoring exchange to a recreated domain

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i'm not sure if this is the best place to post this but its a start.

here are the shorts on the deal

ad domain with a single ad controller and exhange 2k on another

as you can guess the ad controller failed and had to be rebuilt, we are trying to get a working backup to put back in the new ad controller.. now heres the fun

we need to reintegrate the existing exchange server back into the "new" domain keeping all existing mail boxes.

from what i have read and determined is that its possible but it would require the backing up of exchange which we are currently running.

has anyone done this or been in this mess? not to mention there are about 90ish desktops to be rejoined. crash.gif
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    If you have a full backup of the Domain Controller, you should be able to restore the backup, and you only lose any changes that occured since the backup.

    If you don't have a backup... you're essentially creating a new domain inside of a new forest, whether you name it the same or not. I think you are stuck backing up the mailbox data and importing the data into a new Exchange server on the "new" domain.
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