Network+: passed at first attempt

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Last Thursday (6th of Sept) passed with a 680 score. For a CCNP and 10+ years IT (sysadmin) experience not a great score I must admit.
A score quite a number of people reported over here.

The prep was all about exam questions here and on and no specific books.

The exam was difficult for me, not because of the questions but because of the answers!
Maybe my experience stood in the way for this because for a number of questions I had the idea 2 answers were correct. Finding the best one can be a challenge. It felt like traveling from NY to London; which transport is the best: A) Boat B) Train C) Rocket D) Airplane.
A end D are both working, but if your boat ticket is 25% the plane ticket, what would you choose?
Maybe in this case the economics rules: time is money, which means D should be the answer.

OK, now a harder one: Same trip. Answers include Boeing 747 and Concorde (the question is from before the Concorde was decommisioned). I like to hear from you readers.

Back to Network+
I can imagine the reader asks me why to do this exam as a CCNP. For a study Bachelor of Science in the Technical Computer Science workfield (B ICT) I can't skip modules with my CCNP, but I can with Network+.
Nothing more nothing less.
If your Dutch is OK than here is the link to the course I'm going to sign on when most of my ToDo list is done.

ToDolist: (deep breath) (roughly in sequence) 70-291, 70-290, Security+, 70-270, 70-294, LPIC-2, (out-of-sequence) CCDP 70-299, CWNA, EXIN ISF, CISSP, 8 more EXIN exams and some more work...... BS


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    Congratulations on the pass. I guess 680 is a common score, as I got that score too. I don't have nearly as much experience as you (4 months tops), but what matters is that you've got the certification, so as long as you know the material and can apply it in real life situations, the score doesn't really matter (as long as it's a pass!).
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    Congrats and good luck with that LOI study!
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    Congratulations! You satisfied what CompTIA wants. Perhaps you could pick up a study guide if you want to write another exam with CompTIA.
    From Security+ book by Sybex:
    "One of the nice things about technology is that it's always changing. One of the bad things about technology is that it's always changing."
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