Microsoft training: Take a "second shot" exam for

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Microsoft training: Take a "second shot" exam for free
Submitted by Micronet on Wed, 09/05/2007 - 1:33pm.

So, if you want to get certified but aren't a great test taker, here is some good news for you.

Microsoft and training company Prometric are offering what they call "a Second Shot" for taking certification tests. Effective as of September 15, you can get a free second chance to pass a Microsoft IT Professional, Developer, or Microsoft Dynamics certification exam. According to Microsoft and Prometric, here's how it works:

* Step 1: Register for Second Shot on the Microsoft site and receive an exam voucher number.
* Step 2: Using the voucher number, schedule and pay for your initial exam via Prometrics's web site, call center or test center locations. (You must have the voucher number available prior to registering.)
* Step 3: Take your exam.
* Step 4: If you fail, register for your free retake exam via Prometric's web site, call center or test center locations using the same voucher number. NOTE: Please wait one day after the failed exam to register to allow for test results to be entered into the system.

The offer will be available worldwide, from September 15, 2007 to January 31, 2008, to anyone who registers for Second Shot and fails their first attempt at one of these exams.

Source: Networkworld

Problem: I also cannot find the link for this "Second Shot" page from the Microsoft...!

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    According to Trika's blog and the Prometric site, it won't be available until Saturday, so I'm sure they'll post something then.

    Just the thing to get me to go take 70-529...
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    I was surprised, I thought they already had this, so I checked... looks like they did but it ended in July! Guess its's back until the end of January, I'm gonna get in on this.

    However, my flyer says that if you fail, you get to retake for free- but if you pass, you get 25% off. Is this true now? I couldn't find anythign about it.
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    Not sure about the direct link to MS containing this info. But here's the info on Prometric's site;
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    After contacting Prometric and Microsoft MCP Support (4 calls) that got me NOWHERE and UPSET!

    I had contacted Trika Harms zum Spreckel [[email protected]], she is with Microsoft Learning.

    My first question was does the 2nd chance include the 70-xxx series exams and she confirmed that it does.

    Then I asked the following:
    Thank you all for the information!!!!!

    On the MCP home page it reads as if it might only apply to IT Professional, Developer or Dynamics.

    This does bring up more questions:

    1. Will this start on the 15th or that following Monday?

    2. When will MCP help support be updated on this information?
    Reason: I had to place 3 calls only to be told 1st two time what am I talking about and hold on… to only be hung up on after 15 minutes on hold. Then the 3rd called place I supplied the same information from on their site only to be told check the MCP home page on the 15th.

    3. When will Prometric be informed?
    Reason... 2 calls place to them requesting information… which they can not answer and claim they can not even see their own site which has news of the Second Shot/retake failed exam.

    4. Will it cost of the exam still be $125 or will it be $175 as it was for the Exam Insurance?

    Thank you all so much!!! I’m trying to pass the 291 exam and having a hard time with it. That is why I’m asking and calling Microsoft and Prometric as I want to schedule my exam.


    Her reply was:
    Hey, Bill. We consider 291, etc. to be IT professional exams. Sorry that was confusing!

    You should be able to register for the offer beginning on the 15th (check the prometric link or page); no earlier than that—Monday at the latest.

    Thank you for letting us know that our support teams are not as up to speed as they should be on this offer J I believe they are ramping up this week to be ready for launch on the 15th. In the meantime, I’m sorry you had to spend your valued time on so many support calls. We will follow up with Prometric and MS support to make sure they have the info they need.

    The cost of the exam is standard price ($125 in US).

    Good luck on your exams!


    I hope this information will be helpful to others!
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    offer now available, just register for it here:

    thanks to the OP, just booked 70-293 exam for next week ;)
    next up SharePoint... what's that all about!
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