possible or not ?

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ok let's go :D

If I finish MCDST and don't use him as elective for MCSA, can I use him for MCSA Security ?

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    The MCDST is not listed as an elective on the MCSA 2003 Sec page: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/mcsa/security/windowsserver2003.mspx

    Actually it does not list electives at all, but specialization exams.

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    So answer is ? icon_confused.gif

    I know that , MCDST specialization you can use for MCSA (270, 290, 291 & Isa server 70-350 ) it's strange I don't see this on microsoft page (that you post) ?

    So you finish 70-270 70-290 70-291 and use MCDST to pass ISA = MCSA

    So I was thinking can you do that for MCSA Security ? you have 2 exams finish one and use MCDST for another one ? (if I don't use him for MCSA)

    Put some light on this icon_cool.gif
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    Me again :P

    I see that people have MCSA security & MCSE security without MCSA and MCSE in resume.

    So my question is't possible to get MCSA security without MCSA ? (I talking about paper)

    To gain MCSA security you must pass all MCSA exams + addition one's I know that, but how you get only one paper (like MCSA security) like in that persons resume ?

    People who was MCSA security without MCSA in his resume do they get MCSA too but didn't put on resume because if you have MCSA security you have knowledge from MCSA too ? so automatically its implied that he has MCSA too ?

    Or did they tell people in VUE centar that they want to pursue just MCSA security so when they finish that exams they will gain just MCSA security without MCSA ?

    Maybe this sound crazy but can you help me with these ? icon_redface.gif

    Thank you icon_cool.gif
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    It means they have the MCSA / MCSE and the additional exams necessary to earn the Security specialization. Quoting MCSE and MCSE:Security is redundant so a lot of folks only use the latter.
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    MCDST cannot be used as an elective for the Security designation.

    If you attain MCSA: Security before MCSA...for instance, you take all required exams and leave 70-291 for last, you will have both MCSA and MCSA:Security at that time. Like what was said, most list it with Specialization to avoid clutter, and in my opinion it would be unprofessional to list them separately like that although you do get a "certificate" for both.
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