Which design exam is easier..I am under time constraint

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I almost don't feel right asking this question as it goes against the principles of the value of IT certification....however I am under a great time constraint.

So I need to ask of all you MCSE's

In your opinion, which of the design exams are easier? The AD or the Security? I am under the gun and must finish my MCSE in less than 30 days. I've got 293 and 294 left, plus the design exam.

I've got the elective out of the way with my CompTIA Security+ Certification.

Any tips on someone who needs to fast track this to completion?

Thanks in advance!



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    I would advise that you take the design exam for which you feel most comfortable/knowledgeable with. If you have a good knowledge of AD, and enjoy working with it, then take 297. If, on the other hand, your a Security guy, then go with 298.

    Me, personally, I struggle a little with some Security aspects, and also enjoy AD more, so plan to take the 297 exam for my design credential.

    I guess that with your Sec+, then the 298 exam would be the way forward.

    With three exams in 30 days, you are defiantly up against it, but with the right study material, experience, and if you can dedicate enough time to study, it is certainly possible to achieve.

    I hope this helps a little.


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    I've been told that the 298 is easy...
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    wpiersall wrote:
    I've been told that the 298 is easy...

    Most of the comments I have seen about 298 being an easy exam, seem to come from people who have taken 299 first.

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