Bandwidth Co-Location?

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just like the topic,

a customer asked me whether my service includes a bandwidth management,
but i have never think of what he was actually referring is to bandwidth co-location.

technically speaking sure it can be done and make sense to me - but still what is the actual benefit for both me and my customer?

the logic is like :

my ISP ---> me POP <--- customer ISP + me POP <---> my customer

i said : sure i can do like that but surely my box will be on your site -> so i dont have to put new routing inside my site.

a new way to get better bandwidth (from a poor ISP like me) by a customer? or do they really want better bandwidth management?

any opinion welcome..

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    They may be looking for you to provide some sort of QoS throughtou your network for them, or perhaps just at the edge of your network to theirs. Many companies need to rely on the ISP to provide QoS on their end of a t-1 link or similar connection to ensure time sensitive traffic doesn't get stuck behind some bulky FTP packets. Also they migh be looking for you to provide filtering in the case of a DoS attack or somthing of that nature. I'm not sure but a few things I've done in the past with customers.
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    thanks for the reply dtl,

    ya - i have tried give my customer the simple version,
    instead putting their E1 lSP line to my site - why dont we just put a bandwidth mgmt box on the network?

    they just simply dont want it.

    and, my solution part 2 :
    OK - i will do it your way, i will put my router inside your network and you'll attach your edge on my router..

    they dont want it either.

    ..and that makes me wonder icon_confused.gif:

    in case they dont trust the existing physical infrastructure (such as FO or wireless line maybe) or their ISP congestion, the same goes with me at the same cost - so why will the customer pay twice or even higher?

    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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