Practice Tests for 70-294

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I've used Measureup and Preplogic (as those tests come with Microsoft Press and Exam Cram, respectively). But I wanted to know what people think of other practice tests. I've heard of them but I wasn't so sure if they are worth while or not. I don't know what is a legitimate practice exam or not. Whatever input could be given would be greatly appreciated.

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    Noticed that nobody replied to your thread, even if it was a while ago.

    I use UCertify. They are clean according to You have to watch out for the dodgy sites out there. They look very legitimate at times and I myself have been caught out by them in the past until checking
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    I use Transcender. I think the consensus is that MeasureUp are garbage. I got my first PrepLogic practice exam for the CEH, and I have to admit, I like Transcender much better.

    You'll have to let me know, did your PrepLogic exam give explanations as to why each option was or wasn't correct? That is what I really love about Transcender's products; PrepLogic just gave me a simple right or wrong. I'm not sure if all their products are like that or if the CEH is just an exception.
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    I've used Transcender for everything up to this point, and I'm trying Self Test Software now. They're both owned by Kaplan, and they seem almost identical in question format and overall interface.
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