Failed N+. Advice needed Please

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Hi Guys,

Sat my Network+ and today and failed with a score of 527 out of 554. I used quick cert videos, with ebook, measure up and techexams notes and studied hard for 7 weeks. I was a lot more relaxed in this exam than I was when I did the XP exam. I felt I was answering the questions okay and I used the note pad to draw diagrams etc to help with answering the questions. However when I had 35 questions left their was only 23 minutes on the clock so I rushed a few questions.

You may have seen a previous post of my with regards to cable standards. I was finding that the video training with Quick Cert (Bill Ferguson) was conflicting with other study resources. I took this up with Quickcert and they said the trainer must have misspoke in one instance. Also looking back on the videos the second and third time when I had a deeper knowledge I realised how lame the contect was on Unix, Linux, Mac and Novell. The trainer gave more of a history on the products rather than talking about the protocols and the interoperability with other O.S. I think I'm going to stick to books in future thats how I passed the XP exam the videos are good for an overview but Quickcert did not go into enough depth for me.

Anyway going forward I'm determined to get this exam under my belt and continue on my track for the MCSA status. Has anyone had a similar experience to mine and if so what did you do after failing the exam. I feel that I have all the information in my head and maybe need to brush up on a few topics so could maybe book the exam in a weeks time. Or do I buy new training material something like a sybex book and spend a few weeks reading that then attempt the exam again Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    Hey dont feel bad, I also failed my Wireless# exam. I was passing the practice exams in the book and CWNP website with flying colors, but when I went for the exam it was a different story. The best advice is to look for other resources you Im working on passing that exam and moving forward towards my Network +. Hopefully the book I have from Sybex will be enough to pass the exam.

    Good Luck
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    May I suggest ExamCram2 as a potential book to read over for this exam. I used it to prepare and it was very useful! Are you comfortable with your knowledge in UNIX/Linux, Mac OS, and NetWare?
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    To be honest I think I could do with a better understanding of UNIX/Linux, Mac OS, and NetWare The material I had did not cover it very well at all. I have worked in IT support roles for the last 5 years but never really been exposed to UNIX/Linux, Mac OS, and NetWare. Why do you ask is it because exam cram covers it well?

    I have just spoken with one of the support people from Quickcert and he has advised that I take two days of studying and then start again on Saturday. When I start again he has said that I should write down all I have learned without looking at the N+ objectives and then write what I know with the N+ objectives. This is so that I can gauge where my weaknesses are and then concentrate on them then book the exam for next Friday. I may try this and also buy a book but only study the topics I’m weak on and maybe review a few other topics. I don't really fancy reading a whole book again when I have done so much study already and feel strong in certain areas.

    Thanks for your replys it is really appreciated
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    ExamCram2 covers UNIX/Linux, Mac, and Novell fairly well. The Technotes they offer on this website are also a great addition. You might want to look into practice exam programs such as Transcender.
    From Security+ book by Sybex:
    "One of the nice things about technology is that it's always changing. One of the bad things about technology is that it's always changing."
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    Hey, hang in there! You'll get it. It's a tough test. Be sure to really take a hard look at the test results. It should give you some good feedback on what area you need to focus. I know I had a tough time with Network Implementation. I personally don't think that previous experience with certain environments, Novell or Unix is that helpful. The toughest part is understanding the mixed environments, and what needs to be installed to get them all to play nice. I used a bunch different resources, and pulled my own study guide together.

    Good luck! You are so close to passing. You'll get it next time.
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    Sorry !!! Check out your weak areas and find a method to approach it. You must win and not CompTIA LoL.. angel.gifangel.gifangel.gif
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    I failed a little while ago with a 532, but, I definately came out knowing what I was weak on (novell, specifically...). I sit it again in two weeks, and, I'm sure I'll get it this time. Don't get discouraged, you're right there. Take it as quick as possible after finding out more about the subjects that got you. At least, I hope that's the trick ;) Good luck
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    Don’t let it get down things like this happen, just use it as motivation for the next attempt. I also recommended retaking it as soon as possible, review as much possible and hit your weak points.
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    I know that I am most likely going to get burned from the stake for saying this. But I have noticed that Apple has studying guides for their certifications and goes quite indepth on the topics related to Network+. All you really need is an account to GSX to access them.
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