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I passed my A+ a couple months ago and my Network+ today and was just curious what I should go for next. I've heard the Security+ exam is pretty difficuly and I don't want to waste the time and money if I won't be able to pass it, but it's a cert that I really want. My question is, should I go for another cert before attempting Security+? My other interests at this moment are either CCNA or Server+. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Well...my advise to you is, don't stop from going for a Cert. that you really want because you hear that it's hard and you don't think you'll get it. You need to have more confidence then that. If you really want the Security+ Cert then go for it!!! Yes, it might be hard BUT it's not impossible to get. You might just have to study a bit harder than any other Cert. you have done. Once you go for the Security+ Cert. and pass the exam just think on how you're going to feel after it's all over. :D

    If I were you I'd go for the Security+ Cert. no matter how hard it might be, just study hard for it and you'll be fine. After the Security+ Cert. then go for the CCNA. I'm going for my CCNA now...that will be my next Cert. to have.

    Congratz on your Net+ Certy. :D
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