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Hi All,

Followed up on previous posting "ccvp lab again", kenshea recommended me :

1 Compaq CallManager 4.1 server
1 VG200 gateway with 2 FXO and 2 FXS ports
1 MCS3810 gateway - 4 FXS, 2 FXO, 1 T1/E1
2 2600's (make great Gatekeepers)
2 7910 phones, 1 7940, 1 7960, 1 7912
1 2900 switch
1 Asterisk server - Free!

Somebody could explain and show the topology for these equipments ? :D

Thank You



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    Check out the IP Telephony Deployment Models on the Cisco web site. It should give you some ideas.

    You'll probably start out with the Single-Site Deployment Model shown in figure 2.1. You'd probably "start small" with a voice router and a couple IP/Analog phones... and build up your "single-site" as you learn (and acquire the hardware). Remember that you will be learning how this stuff plugs together and works together as you study.

    Then you'd probably transition to something like the Multi-site Deployment Model with Centralized Call Processing in figure 2.2. That's what I eventually ended up with.

    For the Gateway/Gatekeeper exam I think I went past that into some Carrier to Carrier configurations with the Gatekeepers -- and promoted one of the branch offices to "another customer."

    I have the POTS Simulator(s), but you can probably configure a router for that.... I also used a couple of All-in-One Fax/Scanner/Printers & Laptop with Fax Modem.

    Some of the CCIE Workbook vendors have some "Technology Labs" for their Voice CCIE tracks. Parts would be overkill for the CCVP, but still worth looking into if you don't mind spending money. Also check out their Rental Voice Rack Configurations (or their Rack Partners) for a better idea of equipment layouts.

    NLI ( has their Voice Technology Workbook for $300.

    InternetworkExpert is taking Pre-Orders for their "Voice Stuff" -- and has extended their 25% off special through September. The pre-order price for the electronic version of their CCIE Voice Lab Workbook Volume I is $195 -- but I'm not sure when they will be shipping it.

    IP Expert offers the Technology Labs as part of their Lab Workbook/Proctor Guide -- but at $700 for the full CCIE Voice Lab preparation Workbook, might be overpriced for just a CCVP (but if you're thinking Voice CCIE someday..... ).

    If you're a "Video Person" -- NMC has a LearnIT CVoice Module. Haven't seen it, but they are still having their $129 summer special ($149 regular price). This would either compete with or complement the CBT Nuggets -- CVOICE $199. CBT Nuggets also has the Videos for QOS $149.

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    Wow.. you are really a Guru and an Expert
    But unfortunately, I don't understand those topologies yet.
    It probably because I am still new in this field.

    I guess I have to find out another way such as taking bootcamp or long-term course..

    I live in Richmond, VA and could not find even one university which offers CCVP course.
    That's probably CCVP is still new.

    I prefer long term course like Cisco Network Academy
    Around here, only CCNA and CCVP are available.

    Do you know any universities offer long term course for CCVP ?


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    mariusac wrote:
    I don't understand those topologies yet.
    It will make more sense when you start studying CVOICE.

    Remember that the "Single Site" usually starts small in CVOICE with 1 Voice Router and 2 phones... then you may add a 2nd router with another phone. Next thing you know, you understand the topologies as you see how the individual pieces work and plug together.
    mariusac wrote:
    Do you know any universities offer long term course for CCVP ?
    I've only heard of bootcamps or the official Cisco Training Courses for Voice. There may be some Community College level courses on VoIP, but usually not Cisco specific. I've seen only a couple University Level programs that have mentioned VoIP. The Illinois Institute of Technology here in Chicago had VoIP (and a Cisco Lab) as part of a Graduate Program.

    I guess I should also mention that you need to learn the Multi-site Deployment Model with Distributed Call Processing in Figure 2-4 -- but most people (and training centers) probably won't build a 2nd CallManager Cluster (or 3rd) for a Lab. :D

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