A+ Essentials passed (220-601) today

hjcoumanshjcoumans Member Posts: 19 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi there,

Passed today with 750 score (675 passing score) and was happy I didn't get any laser printer internals to do (pfff).
A lot of Windows (XP) questions, but no Linux/Unix, Novell or DOS (and this was always my favorite topic; like QEMM vs EMS battle, LOADHIGH stuff!!)

My prep is my experience for the last 10+ years and all the free exam questions I could get my hand on.
Unfortunately those prep-exam Qs were not very helpful. Even the free testengine from CompTA's website stating the 601 exam prep was of little use. The others like on this website are outdated I'm afraid.

Tomorrow 70-291 M$ and then prep for A+ OS and LPIC-1(01).

ToDolist: (deep breath) (roughly in sequence) 70-291, 70-290, Security+, 70-270, 70-294, LPIC-2, (out-of-sequence) CCDP 70-299, CWNA, EXIN ISF, CISSP, 8 more EXIN exams and some more work...... BS


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