Raid 5 Array One drive off?

routingbyrumorroutingbyrumor Member Posts: 93 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hi! is anyone here familiar with RAID-5 we currently have a RHEL4 box at work and there are 5 drives in a RAID-5 array. The server is a Proliant DL380 G4 with 5 Drives in the bays. Today I had to power down and replace a memory DIMM but did not notice if all the drives were up a running before I shutdown. So after replacing the DIMM I powered the system up and it came up as usual however I noticed that there are only 4 drives active out of the 5 is this normal for a RAID-5 array. I have read about some type of online spare backup but does it only kick in when a failure occurs. The system works fine I just want to know if all 5 drives should be powered up and kicking because only 4 are running and the other looks like its off with no lights indicators whatsoever.



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