Demultiplexing an E1 on gateway

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Hello, I am receiving a full E1 (30 channels) into a voice gateway.

Currently I have a DSPfarm in this gateway using all the DSPs for transcoding and conferencing, and the E1 is used fully for outgoing and incoming calls into our VoIP network (using callmanager).

What I want to do is using about 24 channels for VoIP, and use the other 6 channels for another
equipment (some sort of PBX that has nothing to do with the VoIP network and that I dont want to integrate with the network as it is used for some financial especific applications).
---E1-----+ 3811  +-----E1---------other Equipment
30Channels|       |   4 channels
          |       |

The gateway has a free E1 port. So I guess this is possible.

How can this be done?, I have always received E1s but I have not demultiplexed an E1
and sent some channels over another E1 interface.

Also, I asked this to my equipment provider and he told me it is possible but it wont work because the DSP farm in the gateway wont let me demultiplex the E1 and send channels over the other E1 because all the DSPs are being used.

This sort of confused me since I dont think DSPs are used just to send some channels over another E1 to some equipment that I dont want to integrate with the VoIP network. I just need to give it some phone lines to work.

Any thoughts, comments, configuration examples?

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