Passing Score Required for Network+

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Can anyone tell me the passing score and percentage for Network+. On the Comptia site it says the exam is graded on a scale of 100-900 and the required pass rate is 646. Does this mean the pass rate is 646 out of 900(Meaning the % pass rate is 58.14%). Thanks alot guys icon_lol.gif
Damien Mallon


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    Their grading system really isn't as simple as a percetage anymore. Each question has a point value and depending on how many of each point value questions you get right determines your final score. You have to get enough right to have at least 646 points out of 72 questions in order to pass.
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    Thanks alot. Much clearer to me now. Pity Comptia wouldn't update their site to avoid confusion
    Damien Mallon
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