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:D:)icon_sad.gif:o .. I guess only for for SMS.

How's many of you using SMS as daily communicate to your friend....?

SMS still expensive in U.S, while it is so popular in Europe and Asia for many years. What seem to be the drawback of us. Is it FCC, again?

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    I hardly ever use it, I can send them 'almost' free of charge, but sending email from my phone is free and allows me to send and receive copies on my PC.
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    I've been using it in place of phone calls since high school...I now have a plan where it's free incoming, and less than 10 cents for outgoing...and now that I have the HTC TyTn...sending text messages is much easier! (I just have to make sure I don't do that when I'm driving) icon_lol.gif
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    Maybe I am old fashioned, but I prefer to just call someone or send an e-mail as it seems to be much quicker and more efficient. I also tend to give a lot of details (especially in business communication) so it is not well suited for me at all. I have only ever sent one text message (had to try it once) and have only recieved about 2 dozen (at which point I called the person and mentioned I was available with my phone beside me and they could have just called or left me a voice mail that would be more informative).

    I also prefer to use a small phone (KRZR) as opposed to a more intelligent phone with web browsers/e-mail and such. I carry my laptop most everywhere I go and have nothing wrong with pulling it out if need be.

    Regardless of cost I don't think it is something I will ever be a large fan of. As you could guess by my icon I do live in the US.
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    Thought TC was talking about Systems Management Server. :)
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    KGhaleon wrote:
    Thought TC was talking about Systems Management Server. :)

    so did i at first...but i do text a good bit myself
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