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Hello All,

I need some help with the following project that I am trying to implement in my work place.

MY AD Domain Structure is Simple, I have a root Domain (ABC.COM) with two Child Domains (DEF.COM) and (GHI.COM) all running with BiDirectional Trusts in place and FULL AD replication.

I have created a new Root-Child Domain for a new web portal project we are implementing.

I do not want any AD Replication from my current AD to this new external Domain. This will be solely used for authentication for the portal application.

My BIG question is what type of Trust do I need so that users from my external AD can authenticate for both domains ?


Let me know if you need any further info.


  • Silver BulletSilver Bullet Member Posts: 676
    I believe that you will need a One-Way Trust in which your external domain will trust the domains that hold the accounts that need access to the external domain's resources. trust trust trust

    BTW, and aren't child domains to in your example. They are seperate domains. It would be and to be child domains of
  • Irish ManIrish Man Member Posts: 72 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for your response SilverBullet,

    Yeah your right about my domain structure. I guess I was in a rush typing.....
  • Irish ManIrish Man Member Posts: 72 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hey Silver Bullet,

    Just want to confirm the best DNS solution for the above, I have already configured it with a Primary Zone, but do you think I should delete that and change it to a STUB Zone ?

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