Passed! With an interesting story...

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Passed, using the Microsoft Second Shot! I had failed the 294 the first time with this long nightmare:

My test center is 30+ miles out and is the only test center that I can use, since its open on weekends and I can't take time off from work to test.
So I show up on a saturday morning and I'm told that the server is not working and cannot take the exam. I had this experience with the Prometric server that they have there before. I was told that all prometric exams were cancelled. The VUE exams were still working. Last time, the monitor person simply rebooted the server and the issue was fixed. I suggested a reboot of the server and the proctor stated he couldn't reboot it while people were there. (It's funny and irritating because it is clearly labeled which server is the VUE server and which one is the Prometric server). It was also obvious that he hadn't contacted his helpdesk yet.

So I ask him when would he an open time window when he could reboot it, he tells me to come back at 4:00 pm. Since my wife was with me, we go out for lunch, watch a movie, and kill time at a shopping complex before returning. I return, ready for my exam.
I sit the exam and before it even loads, the client PC crashes out. The proctor resets the test I get a few questions in, it crashes out again. The proctor logs the PC off/on. A number of questions pass and it crashes again. The proctor reboots the client PC and I lose my last 2-3 answers. I'm really exhausted at this point and distracted with the test engine's stability. As time dwindles down, I realize I'm late for a comedy show that my wife and I had tickets for. Probably with all of these factors going on, I fail the exam. ncool.gif

I try calling Prometric the following Monday and wait on the phone for 20 minutes before giving up. (I can't stay on the phone, as I'm at work and of course, Prometric is open 8am-8pm Eastern Time. I'm on the West coast, so this is difficult short of waking up early. Perish the thought! I am NOT a morning person. sleeping.gif )

So I used my retake voucher I registered for and passed this time, no problems (technical or with the questions). I still get sick every exam between ending your review, submitting my review, and receiving my score. icon_pale.gif

One more exam until MCSE!!! icon_sunny.gif
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    Well you deserved a pass after that mess, congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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    wow, most test centers have thier where they should be. You figured such a technological business they run, they would have good SUPPORT local and otherwise.

    congrats on your pass. And like sprkymrk said, you definitely deserved it. icon_cool.gif
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    Sorry it didn't work out the first time, but congrats on the pass.

    Try to share you experience with MS Learning, so they are aware of how great a choice the made by picking Prometric as their sole provider.

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    Congrats! Sorry, to hear about the way the first attempt went.
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    Congrats on the pass and good luck with your next exam !

    btw i like your avatar icon_wink.gif
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    doom969 wrote:
    Congrats on the pass and good luck with your next exam !

    btw i like your avatar icon_wink.gif

    :D I like your Avatar too! Thank you all for your support!
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