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What certifications do you have, how much experience, and how much do you get paid icon_confused.gif:


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    Don't count on people sharing info like that. But here are some entry level salaries. The web has all sorts of resources for that (I looked 'em up). But these jobs do vary in pay, depending on how good you are. But usually the Help Desk person gets like $12.01/hr, a PC Technician usually gets between $10-$20/hr ($20-40k if 40 hr weeks, 2 weeks off, minus saturday and sunday). Good website developers usually get around $60k? , CCNA network admins usually get around $40-$55k. CCIE gets 6 figures, CCNP...you'll probably have a job before anyone with a CCNA. A+ certification will get you a Help Desk job maybe, but right now...the economy isn't the greatest. icon_confused.gif

    The A+ certification is supposed to be equivilent to 500 hours of hands-on experience, the other certs may be more or less, but probably more. But right now A+ is standard, it's like the entry point into working in the IT industry. I don't know much about other certifications...
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    tokhsstokhss Member Posts: 473
    well i can tell you this..

    while in school, got a job at a small ISP/ telco.. reseller really.. didnt care about pay.. just cared more about experience, hands on.. got paid 10/hour and got all the hands on i needed.. **** they even taought me on cisco equip and at the end i was doing just about everthing for that company within 7 months.. still at the pay of 10 bucks .. later, got a job at a law firm doing desktop support, my frist job gave me all the experience i need to move to a job that SHOULD ;) pay me atleast 60k.. anyhow. moved over to the law firm and got paid 15/hr.. not bad.. got my hands on experience on netware and citrix enviornment.. while at that job, graduated from school with BS in CIS.. soon after got my A+ and started to work for Siemens Business Services.. so at this point i had my exeperience, hands on, Degree, A+, and now making 25/hr.. short lived since i didnt get along with my supervisor, **** got fired herself shortly after she fired me ;) .. anyhow.. after that i started working for verizon, bout a couple weeks ago got my Network + and make about the same .... still persueing more certs and on my free time trying to work at another place with audio video equip.. something thats your all going to see in cars in the future.. will post up the final product soon :)
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    Just got A+, have had 2 MCP's for a while (whoop de doo), and I have about a year of experience working at CompUSA doing anything and everything in the tech shop; I was basically a mobile single-person helpdesk for the customers and employees that also sold stuff, fixed computers, picked out upgrades for clueless consumers, and did paperwork... for $8/hr *Phew* Understaffed store... no way icon_rolleyes.gif

    It apparently garnered the right attention being on my resume though, 'cause it nabbed me a job at IBM.

    I'm now an SSR (service solutions rep.) which is basically fancy terminology for an on-site tech. I go to all varieties of sites to put in new computers/servers, take out the old ones, and configure all of them. Mostly banks, but some pizza joints (they have more computers than you'd ever think in your local Dominoes), Allstate had a big project with us, buncha other stuff too. I get paid $12/hr plus decent mileage (and they pay for my cert. tests :D), but the catch is i'm lucky to get 20 hours a week. I work with some really friendly, knowledgeable people though, and it's nice to not be confined to a cubicle (or an array of other ppl's cubicles).

    There's my whole career, and it doesn't sound too impressive, but i'm only 20. I think the key to getting the better jobs in the first place (in IT)is having a degree, or progress towards one, on your resume. I've been told multiple times that "Management" liked me better, but the other guy got picked 'cause of a degree, or a boatload more experience.
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