Passed i-Net+ on 9/21

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Recently passed the i-Net+ exam.

After taking it I thought I'd share a bit about my experience:

- The exam is retiring this December 2007, if you were not yet aware. CompTIA recommends finishing up if you have been preparing for it, but studying for it from scratch is probably not recommended.

- I kind of did it for the novelty factor... earlier this summer I completed A+, and I wanted to challenge myself to get another cert before the summer was over and fall term started. I didn't have a lot of time / money to invest so I loaded up on secondhand i-Net+ books and studied hard.

- If you are pursuing i-Net+ at this point, likely most of the materials are outdated. I would recommend avoiding anything non-CAQC (CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum - the little blue seal that you see on some cert books). Personally I felt that some of the material I encountered was just complete garbage, but I got some really cheap deals on books so that didn't come as a surprise.

- Specifically I would recommend the i-Net+ Study Guide by David Groth and Dorothy McGee. Other than that, get something Sybex (if you can find it), I've always been happy with their materials. Exam Cram should be useful, and I love those little Flash-Card programs. Avoid All-in-One i-Net+ Certification Exam Guide by Andrew Zeff and Thomas M. Coyle. I bought a used version from a library, but I found this book unreadable, irrelevant, and poorly edited for grammatical errors. It is possible that the book has been revised from the version I had, but unlikely, since the test is retiring.

- The current iteration of the test is IK0-002, try to get materials covering that test specifically. The cost for the exam was $232.

- I felt there was at least a little bit of overlap with the A+ exam, so having A+ first is recommended.

- A few exam topics I would suggest to focus on, make sure you know how META tags work, and make sure you know about JSP, ASP, IIS, nothing too in-depth, just definitions and notable features. Know your basic IP addressing / subnetting stuff. The majority of questions I got were very, very general - I memorized a half-page of port assignments but didn't use them. Didn't encouter character entity codes, either. The HTML part was fairly light as well. Focus more on general networking than HTML. I felt that it was more of a general networking test than anything too web-specific.

- Of course just because I didn't encounter something doesn't mean it's not on there - I would say learn as much as possible, just focus specifically on networking concepts. Avoid the non-CAQC crap floating around on the Internet, get a couple of good books, study hard, and you should do fine. :)


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    Congratulations on passing :)
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    Congratulations on passing. Even though the exam is retiring, what you have studied and learned will be transferable to other skills.
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    congrats :D
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    I don't think that A+ is recommended prior for this exam. Inet+ was the easiest exam I've taken so far. Someone with very basic network knowledge can passed it.
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    I would disagree, I think A+ should be taken first... I can't remember exactly what I saw in there, but some of the basic networking in A+ overlapped... and A+ is so ubiquitous anyways you might as well get it out of the way first.

    Kind of a moot point anyway, I guess - only, what, ~85 days left to take the test? :)
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