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Hi All,

I've got a quick question which im sure has come up before... I tried doing a search but couldnt find anything.....

I was wondering what networking tools you use, and what you use them for. I'm referring to the WireShark's, the port mappers, MBSA etc anything and everything that you use for troubleshooting etc and anything in general that makes you're life easier....



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    Cain & Able - Networking "Swiss Army Knife"
    ColaSoft MAC Scanner - Scans networks for all MAC Addresses
    ColaSoft Ping Utility - Multi-thread, graphical ping utility
    ColaSoft Packet Builder - allows you to build custom packets and send them through the network
    ColaSoft Packet Player - allows you to look at trace files and play them back in the network
    Nessus - Vulnerability scanner
    Wireshark - Port Scanner / Sniffer
    AngryIP Scanner - Scans all IP Addresses on a subnet and lets you know who is who and which addresses are active.
    MOM - Server health monitoring
    SolarWinds - Network appliance monitoring
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    RTmarc wrote:
    Cain & Able - Networking "Swiss Army Knife"

    NetCat is the swiss army knife of networking. Although I don't think they have a copy right on the term. :) Good list though.

    I might add the PS Tools suite too.
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    I used Look@Lan in my last job, it is an advanced ip scanner, it comes with look@host, this gets information about a single workstation like logon time , running services . etc.

    & it is a free.
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