Do you have to study DOS for the OS Exam??

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I have the Mike Meyers all in one book(4th edition) and he even has a whole section on dos in the book. He says in the book though that even though DOS is no longer on the exam you should still learn it.

I do want to learn it, but I really just want to focus on exam material to get my certification. Would it be ok if I skipped DOS for now? Any advice would be appreciated. :D


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    I will give you the same advice I give everybody.

    I suggest that instead of just studying for 1 exam that you study for a lifetime in the computer industry. There may be no pure DOS questions on the exam now, but I would hazard a guess and bet that there are DOS related questions there. Knowing DOS also helps understand the earliest begginnings of the OS we are now using, and also knowing DOS is very helpful when troubleshooting.
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    Thanks for the reply russ. I agree completely. I just want to pass my os so I can get my certification. I hope by getting this cert I can at least get my foot in the door by getting an entry level job.
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    files required for startup and using attrib are some of the dos-style topics that can be questioned.
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    a good PC Tech must know Dos commands,this is essential n during your exams u will have question like ==>in which dos version do have Dos shell?
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    Considering that probably 95% of everything (command wise) that works in DOS, still works in a windows 2000 or XP cmd, DOS really is something you need to know. Not nessecarilly so much all the "DOS Memory Management Model" stuff, but you should definately be able to set down at a Win9x, 2000 or XP box and perform most administrative tasks from the command prompt. That will help you prepare for the A+, greatly add to your skills/value as a tech, as well as possibly prepare you for future exams such as MS Certs.
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