A+ 2003 VS. A+ 2006

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So i've been doing some reading (obviously not enough since I'm asking this) and I'm a little confused.

I want to become A+ Certified. I thought I was supposed to take the 2 tests (301 and 302) but now I hear these tests are retired and there are new tests I must take (601+). Apparently the 301+ tests were retired in June 07... but now I'm reading people are successfully passing their A+ 301 and 302 tests AFTER June 07..

Okay, so, it's a pretty basic question. If I want to become A+ Certified, do I complete the 301, 302 exams, or the 601 and up? Sorry, it's late and I'm really tired. If this answer is posted right under my nose I apologize. I appreciate your time reading the post and thank you in advanced for your answers.

Couple more questions (Don't gotta answer em):
is A+ Essentials just an updated version of 30X Exams?
Are employers still looking for A+ 2003 Certified candidates or is the new generation
specifically looking for A+ 2006? Or does it not matter?

Thank you very much guys.

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    Yes, you will have to take the 601 and one of the 602, 603, or 604 exams. The 301 and 302 are no longer available in North America. The 600 series exams are updates of the 300 series exams. Have a look at the objectives - http://certification.comptia.org/resources/objectives.aspx . If you studied for the 300 series exams, with a bit of extra reading, you could take the 600 series exams.
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    matradley covered it! Good work :)

    The current objectives are for 601 plus 602-3-or4 as stated.

    A+ certified = A+ Certified the objective set is limited relevance (discussion for another time). What is important is that the 2006 Objectives is what you need to prepare for because that is what your exams will quiz you on.

    CompTIA exams are vendor neutral and while broadly test a candidates knowledge....not many places put a lot of emphasis...not saying they are not important exams...just that they are specific as an MCSE NT vs. MCSE 2000 vs MCSE 2003. Hiring someone who holds and A+ typically yields an applicant who is competent on the latest technologies but not necessarily the older ones. Hiring someone who is an "MCSE" without specifying they are looking for a MCSE 2003 might get a person proficient with NT technologies but isn't up-to-date on today's software and for an Admin/Engineer type person...this would be a problem.

    If you've prepared on the 2003 objectives...you're close to being ready. Download the 2006 and you'll be just about set.
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    Okay so I'm currently studying TechExam's Notes on A+ Os and Hardware.

    Will I be able to pass the test if I study these notes hard, or should I look for some different a+ essential notes?
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