Anyone Doing Juniper using Olive

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Doing Juniper makes sense for me as Im a contractor. I have been approached on a number of occasions by agents about Juniper so Im going to take some time out to learn something about it. Cramming for the cert without hands-on is pointless for me as I may very well be called upon to work with it. I have started to look at the books and the certification. AT the moment Im primarily interested in figuring out how to set up an Olive at home. I have found a few links about this including the one with VMWare. Before I run off and buy the wrong equipment and lose about a week getting anything remotely useful working at home I was wondering if anyone here has experience of setting up Olive and a decent shopping list/cookbook?



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    I'm going to be setting up an couple of Olives, shooting for 5, and I'll let you know how my experience goes.

    Probably the best place to go for an Olive setup is to Sid Smokes

    Probably the biggest pain in the ass about getting the equipment together would be to find compatible NIC's.

    You can find a list of compatible NIC's at:

    I got very lucky in this part through, there is a guy that use to work at my work place and he has 11 Olives in his home lab, plus two J-series Routers, but he had a bunch of left over NIC's that worked with his Olives and so he gave them all to me :D

    Keep in mind that not only do you need a specific NIC but also a specific chipset.

    Now all I'm waiting for is the computers, which will be here in about a month
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