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Hey all,finally decided to pursue ccna but just got a few questions that i think you guys can help me with
1> How many modules are there to write for this exam?
2> Is it extremly difficult or passable with hard work?

Sorry for the dumb questions.
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    You can either take the one test or two test approach. The CCNA is not difficult if you have networking experience and good study habits. I think where most people make a mistake is they try to jump into the CCNA with no prior experience and end up failing it a couple times. Its not impossible, but definatley a lot easier with prior experience.
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    It certainly isnt the most difficult cert to get, the MCSE or some of the Juniper are certainly tougher and require a lot of effort and experience. The quickest way is probably to get a couple of routers and switches (real gear, which can be inexpensive if found on eBay), the Wendell Odom books and provided u get the concepts clear, a pass in the first try is a very distinct possibility....

    Good luck with it...the CCNA is a very achievable target.
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