Is Preplogic LearnSmart Video Training worth it?....

I haven't been on for quite a while, but I'm starting on my MCSA track and eventually on to the MCSE.

I've been getting emails about the $895 all inclusive package of videos, practice tests, and 7 vouchers for Microsoft exams from Preplogic. They claim that you won't need to buy any additional books or training material to pass, but I'm not sure how thorough these videos are.

I would like to know if anyone else has purchased this collection already? The last chance for this deal ends tomorrow 9/28 and I'm strongly considering it, but I wanted feedback from members of this forum first.

I'm studying for 70-270 now and I find the MS Press book not as interesting to read as the Mike Myers A+ book.

Thanks as always for your guys input.
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    Although they provide high-quality material, it would be wise to buy at least 1 book for each of the exams (e.g. the MS Press Training Kits that include valuable excercises). I think it's very doable to pass the exams with those vids+practice exams (though depending on your experience and how well CBTs work for you), but regardless of how thorough the videos are, a book works much easier to look something up - as a reference - and usually does contain more information than a CBT. I consider CBTs a an alternative to classroom training, but even then using an additional text book is wise.

    If you don't like the style of MS Press Training Kits I sugggest trying a Sybex book.
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