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Took the CCNA 640-801 yesterday for the first time and failed with a score of 618, going to try again and three weeks. This test is a tuff one.


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    Hey sorry to read that. I failed the ICND test the first time around, not so much because of what I know or don't know. But rather the time it took me.

    Any idea where your weaknesses are?
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    Yes, it is definitely not a cake walk but it is very doable if you follow the Cisco exam Blueprint and make sure you are knowledgeable in all the areas. Look at your score report and see which areas require the most review and hit them.

    Don't forget to cover the areas you are better at too. How much hands on did you have? The physical aspects of playing with the routers and switches( or simulators as a last resort) is really key to becoming comfortable with Cisco and reinforcing what you read in the books.

    Try not to get too discouraged as you are not alone. Many have had the same experience. Get over it as quickly as possible and get back on track.

    Ask questions of the forum. There are a lot of REALLY knowledgable people on here!

    Good luck. icon_wink.gif
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    I have about 6 months limited experience with routers and switches. The company I am a first time sys admin at has 1-3640 and 3-1841 routers in production, as well as a 1 3560 and 1 3550 Catalyst switches. The problem is that this equipment was already configured and in production so I can only do limited things with them without bringing the network down. I have removed some old static routes, created some vlans, turned Rip on, backed up Config files and created one access list. I do have a spare 1720 router and 2 - 2900 and 1- 1900 switch to play with though. I used ExamCram 2 CCNA and Kaplan IT Learning CCNA 640-801. When is the 640-801 going away?
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    coax31 wrote:
    When is the 640-801 going away?
    November 6th, 2007
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    i would try the bryant advantage, and use the rack time that is included in his package. This should be enough to put you over the top since you already have some work experience.
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    I think we have all failed an exam at some point. If we don't then something strange must be going on. Keep going and work on your weak points so they are no longer weak.

    As an aside, I would be very concerned about somebody doing practise labs on my work network so I would seriously consider using second hand equipment or renting rack time. If you break something on the live network you may find yourself out of a job.
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