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i got quite a story here for ya:

As you know - the new CCNA books makes me - super excited since now that I can get up-to-date info. Part of the reason being I love reading especially when I am reading about something as exciting as CCNA. icon_lol.gif

Ok, so there are three stores within my vicinity. I go to Barnes and Noble - decent size "Technology" section. I look around - only find books on 640-801. Ask the "information desk" - mentions stores like 30 miles away. I was like yyeeaaa. ok thank you. bye.

I goto - Borders - and they dont have it either. But they can order it for me - umm nothanks bud

By now, Ive almost given up and well thought of just going to amazon and getting over - night. Surprisingly, even with overnight shipping the overall price is actually cheaper. icon_eek.gif

So, totally beaten - I goto the mall version of Barnes and Noble - and ask them the little asianlady is like - nope dont have it. Only 640-801. I was like - let me just see whats here. She points me to the technology section - which is a damn big one - bigger than all the other ones combined. After walking in - I look around for 30 seconds and instantly have a moment of you know - out-of-body experience. I couldn't believe I was looking at a Todd Lammle Book that had 640-802 printed on it . I grab it before anyone else could - it was the last one - and then take it to cashier - and was like for all the work Ive done today looking for this thing - I should get it for free.

They were like dumbfounded - and she called her manager - telling me the problem will be resolved instantly. I was just happy to get my book. Well NOW - I can finally sleep with peace, right next to my book.

LOL icon_wink.gif
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    Wow, never seen someone so excited over a book! Thats good that you are that interested in learning though. If you wouldn't mind let everyone know how the book is and how it measures up for the new exam when you decide to take it. I'm sure there are some people interested in knowing if it is any good. Oh and good luck!
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    I just quickly run through a few chapters, and realize that the book has 14 chapters compare to 11 (ed 5) and over 1000 pages. That mean it cover a lot more info than before.
    1 thing i found very interesting is you not only using CLI to do configuration but with some other GUI software like CNA. Well, not a good news for those who use only simulator to do the lab.
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    Upon perusal of Lammle's 6th edition, I noticed the following differences versus the 5th edition as a result of the new 640-802 CCNA:

    1) He uses the 2811 router throughout the book for security reasons, as the 802 now covers SDM and VPN in some form. However, he still uses 2620/21 and even 2500 routers, as they are still quite useful for basic CCNA commands and VLAN/VTP. But SDM is a theme in practically every relevant chapter.

    2) Dedicates an entire chapter to NAT/PAT, instead of the two pages he covered on this in the 5th ed. So he actually talks about local/global inside, static/dynamic NAT, and the like this time around.

    3) A whole new chapter on WLAN to reflect a new topic on 802.

    4) A whole new chapter on IPv6 to reflect a new topic on 802. Btw, IPv6, despite being years away from any significant deployment, is coming sooner than you think with the U.S. gov't requiring their agencies to deploy IPv6 by 2008. The extent of that deployment, I'm unaware of.

    5) Expanded coverage on ACLs, in fact he just calls the chapter "Security" now. ACLs with SDM/firewalls are covered in good depth.
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    Sounds like a lot of improvement over the previous version. All of that "new" stuff is good to know.

    Hopefully along with Cisco Press and actual hands on, it will be a good reference for people taking the 802 exam.

    Thanks for the mini-review! icon_wink.gif
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