Rate the difficulty of these exams in order...

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I want them all and have already ordered Sec+ material, but as I read over the board I'm seriously rethinking it...again. Are all of these certs around the same difficulty? BTW, I just mean the cert as a whole in reference to MCSA.


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    I think the CCNA is the most difficult one...from what I was told the new CCNA exam has some material from the CCNP exam according to my Cisco Academy Prof.
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    You have apples and oranges here. The MCSA is not an exam. It's a certification that is obtained by passing (at least) four exams. The CCNA exam has both a lab and a written test.

    Of them all I'd say the Server+ is the easiest (6/10), and Security+ being somewhat more difficult (7/10). I don't have the other certs, so of them I can't say. How difficult anyone finds any exam depends largely on their experience with the exam's topics.
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    I would say CCNA is most difficult, mostly because of the large amount of details, the depth, the high passing score and the exam simulations.

    There is not a separete written and lab test for the CCNA exam. You can take 1 exam with all the topics to become CCNA or 2 seperate test of which the first is similar to Network+ but a little more indepth and it includes basic router configuration. All three exams have multiple choice as well as drag-and drop and simulator questions. The simulator involves correcting/expaning 1 or more routers' configurations.

    The new CCNA exam do include topics of the CCNP program, from 1 exam in particular: the BSCI exam, also known as the 'routing' exam. Topics include VLSM, advanced subnetting and more indepth questions about routing protocols such as ospf and eigrp.

    I think Sec+ is more difficult than the Server+ or 1 of the MCSA exams (depending a lot on the elective you take), but the MCSA exams are typically harder than the regular CompTIA exams such as Server+.
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