CCNA passed!

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Hi guys,
finally took my 640-801 yesterday and passed!
Score was 898 parted in the following:
Planning and designing: 91%
Implementation and operation: 91%
Troubleshooting: 83%
Technology: 76%

I am satisfied, the exam is NOT easy.
The hardest part was introduced to me in the very first part (the first 4, 5 questions): both simulation and simlet (simlet I found more difficult than the simulation).
In the simulation a problem happened with the keyboard that was using the US beating layout on a non US keyboard (it was impossible to choose my motherlanguage beating layout) and in attempt to hit the "/" character, the prompt of the router disappeared! icon_eek.gif
Tthis wasted me about 15 minutes time and I was quasi in panic when I realized that I completed just 5 question in about the half of the time available.
Then I have run much fast and probably have committed some evadable error (one was under my eyes just I realize now), but I was not sure how hard will be the next question, then so.

Can give some advice:
- study careful and exercise well on subnetting, You need that on practically all the questions;
- routing is very much important;
- in the simlet stay calm (not too much), because the answers are not evident and need to discover them in some logically consequent step.

Well. thanks to all the users of this great forum that answered to my questions and helped much me to gain my cert, and also to those that in some way helped me by means of their posts.
Now is time to rest and drink for me!

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