Loopback adapters

MikdillyMikdilly Member Posts: 309
Using 2 loopback adapters installed on same machine to test connections between vlans in dynamips, how can you tell which adapter your pinging from when opening up a command prompt. The pings are succesful to each adapter's address but to only one of the default gateway's.


  • jncarterjncarter Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
    While you can set mutiple default gateways, it will actually only use one. I think the default gateway is selected by binding order of the nics. When pinging it will use the interace which has the same network as you are trying to ping to, unless it is something that will be routed, then it will use the nic with the default gateway.

    My guess is that it is getting somewhat confused by the two default gateways. I would remove the second default gateway. If you really want something to go out a specified interface, you could add a static route to it.
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