Going for the INTRO

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Hi all,

Im planning on doing my first attempt at the INTRO exam before the 6th of november deadline.

This is the first certification im trying to persue and hopefully not the last.

I did the ccna course of 120 hours i think from oct2006 to jun2007 and passed all the semesters.

I also have the wendell odom books which im using to study for the intro, well actually just the INTRO book.

The question is how hard is the INTRO... i know its an ambiguous question but I want to know from people who did it how hard they found it compared to the ICND or the 1 exam.

Anyways having the course under my belt and started the wendell odom INTRO book just yesterday and having no hands on experience, do you think 20 days of studying is enough? I only work four days a week and the rest i plan on studying hardcore.

Thanks for taking time in reading my post.


  • tottstotts Member Posts: 117
    Best policy is to treat it the same as the ICND. I've taken it but not the ICND yet. As with the ICND, there's loads of subnetting on it so be prepared for that. Even though its meant to be easier than the ICND, its still no pushover!
    totts from essex
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    I am taking the intro very shortly as well. I am just using the learnkey training program.
  • shednikshednik Member Posts: 2,005
    depending on your background the intro will be easier than the icnd, i got an 883 on the exam and felt confident throughout the entire exam. Ive prepared for awhile though and work in the field so alot of my knowledge comes from experience. best of luck to both of you let us know how you do!
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