Connecting netgearDG384G with 2514

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icon_eek.gif Wandering if anyone can help?

Ive decided to go for CCNA whilst I still study for MCSE. I have 2*2514 and a 2900 swith. I managed to connect everything (and config) but I havent been able to route the internet through. The netgear is connected to e0 on the first router, it is connected as I can see at 10Mbs and I can ping from anywhere to a PC connected to the netgear. However I can only ping the netgear from the attached router (not from my other router or PCs) Its only the netgear router its self, ie anything connected to it i can ping? Also I can see by the horible orange light that its at 10mbs where as the other is at 100 (i have swapped and got the same result).

Any idea's ?

Im trying to get some knowledge in whilst I still need internet without having to change everything, as I said I still have 3 exams for MCSE to go.

Also any advise on taking the 2 exams or 1 would be helpful



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    This sounds similar to the problem I ran into not long ago. I had two routers just like you did and had it hooked to a broadband linksys router. I could ping anywhere on the internet from the first connected router but had no connectivity with the other routers. I eventually found out that while I entered static routes into the routers correctly, I failed to set a static route in the Linksys router that hooks to my internet modem. So what happened was the farthest internal router could easily send a ping request to anywhere on the internet but as it came back my linksys router had no idea where that internal network was located so it just dropped the packet. So, take a look at static routing on your top level router.
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    Thanks for your info .. I will try again at weekend using static routes.. Im very new to cisco and have just learnt that i may need to restore images as purchased 2nd hand. IE i probally need to start at the beginning (not just try and connect everything and hope!!). I will post the outcome here.. thanks again. J icon_redface.gif
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    Ya i agree. Log into that netgear and configure a static route that points to your internal subnets with a next hop of the 1st router's ethernet interface address. As reeves said, the outgoing requests gets to the internet, but when the returning replies gets back to your Netgear, the netgear does not know where to shoot out the data because it is unaware of your internal subnets.
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    Thanks Netstudent... I will give it all ago again at weekend, current contract working me hard at moment so apart from advice thanx but e0 or s1 and a bit en conf tired to make any physical changes (netgear not in same house and also supply other users so when i bring it down it can be hassle) I appriciate all the advice and will hopefully post a resolution (IHOPE) here. Thanks again
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    maybe your config look like this?

    netgear (DHCP) ---> e0 R01 s0 <----> s0 R02 e0 <
    > fa0/1 2900 <----> pc

    ip add nego
    ip nat out

    ip add 10.1/24
    ip nat in

    ip route 0/0 via netgear

    R02 :
    ip add 10.2/24
    ip nat out

    ip add 11.1/24
    ip nat in

    ip route 0/0 10.1

    *just make sure that netgear support MDI-X auto 10/100 (i think it does).

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