Calculate number of ACLs

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Hi, I also have this question and really don't know how to go and calculate the number of ACLs.

If a router has 1 FastEthernet and 2 serial interfaces are configured to route both IP and IPX, how many ACLs are required?

Thanks for your help!


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    You don't need any ACLs to route traffic.
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    Networker's answer is the appropriate one, given the use of the word 'required', but perhaps the word intended was 'possible', in which case the answer would be:

    An interface can have one inbound and one outbound ACL per protocol

    3 (interfaces) x 2 (directions- in and out) x 2 (protocols) = 12 (possible) ACLs.
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    Hello networker050184 and NeonNoodle,

    Thank you for your reply. NeonNoodle, I did come up with the same number 12 as yours but the actual answer is 6. Cisco says one ACLs per protocol per direction. I am really confused.


    NeonNoodle, you are right. I think I copied down the wrong question. I apologise for that.

    Thank you for clarifying it.

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