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first of all a big hello to all of you that your presence in forums such this is a massive help for people like me with the need to be informed first hand about the various certifications.

i am starting to collect information for the ccna certification so any help would be much appreciated. the time the i have for it it would not be so much as after a itil certification in february there is a chfi (computer hacking forensic investigator) coming up. that means i have until january to get done with the ccna.studying hard on it is not a subject. all i need is what i will need to prepare as list before the study starts. (appropriate book,possible simulator etc)

once again thanks in advance for your time reading my post!


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    mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,086 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Check out the CCNA Forum FAQ for some hints about books, hardware, etc. Definitely follow the link you'll find in some of the posts to the Cisco CCNA Prep Center.

    Cisco has just updated the CCNA exams -- so check out the Cisco CCNA Certification page to get an idea about the exams.

    Check out the Suggested CCNA Books at the CiscoPress website. Todd's updated Sybex book (6th edition) is also out now.

    Welcome to the forum.
    :mike: Cisco Certifications -- Collect the Entire Set!
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    ganjgrgganjgrg Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    you have come to the right place. I have had too many support and assistance from this forum. This forum is the best thing in the world where you get unlimited resources, advice and help. Man, I am deeply touched and feel at home in this forum. Though, i don't personally know anyone in this forum, but these guys asist me, help me and give me advice without asking anything in return.
    I just want to say thank you everyone and hope you keep up the good works for many many years to come.
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